10 Interesting Facts You Might Not Have Known About Singapore Pools

Every Singaporean is familiar with the games 4D and TOTO, but do you know the company that brought them to you? Singapore Pools was founded on 23 May 1968, so it’s been around for more than half a century! Here are 10 interesting facts you might not have known about singapore pools.

1. It’s Not Only About The Games

Although some people might think that gambling is all about chasing the big wins in 4D and TOTO, it’s actually more than that. It’s also about the experience and social connections you make through these games. It’s not uncommon for a player to meet friends or even a love interest through these games. But as with any activity, it’s important to take note of your limits and always play responsibly.

2. Signing Up with SG Pools is Quick and Easy

The registration process for an account with Singapore Pools is simple and free. You’ll need to enter your personal details, including your identity card number. You can then choose a username and password, as well as an email address. You can deposit funds into your account using any of the accepted methods.

3. You Can Use a SG Pools Account When Traveling Abroad

Singapore Pools allows its users to use their accounts anywhere in the world, as long as they are not violating local laws. You can also deposit funds into your account through a third party, and you can withdraw your winnings from any of the approved outlets.

4. It’s Not Only About Winning the Game but Being Responsible

The government established Singapore Pools in 1968 to counter illegal gambling activities. However, it wasn’t a complete ban like Prohibition in the United States – such a move would only drive these activities underground and put more money in the pockets of triads and illegal bookkeepers. Instead, the government adopted a pragmatic approach to tackle this issue, setting up Singapore Pools as a state-owned organisation that provides people with a safe and trusted avenue to bet, while channeling its surplus to Tote Board for charity, sports and community development.

5. SG Pools is Going Digital

As part of its ongoing transformation, Singapore Pools has implemented Oracle Cloud Observability and Management (OCI) to improve visibility into the platform’s infrastructure. OCI enables the company to troubleshoot problems quickly, minimizing outages and disruption to customers. It also helps to reduce complexity, allowing Singapore Pools to resolve issues in minutes, compared to hours previously.

6. How Does It Benefit the Public?

In the 2019/2020 financial year, Singapore Pools collected close to S$9 billion. 70% of this was returned to winning bettors, 22% was collected as tax revenue and 5% was channelled to the Tote Board for donation. This helped to support the arts, community development, education and sports sectors.

Singapore Pools remains a not-for-profit organisation and is committed to be a world-class responsible gaming operator. As such, it remains committed to a high standard of responsibility in all its gaming activities and will continue to combat illegal gambling activity, while providing a safe and trusted betting environment for the public.