The Basics of Blackjack Strategy at Station Casinos


Blackjack is a casino game of strategy. It is played with a standard 52-card deck and can be found in many casinos throughout the world. It is a card game with an in-depth mathematical foundation. In the 1700s, it became popular in France and then spread worldwide. Despite its popularity, it is still often thought to be a game of chance. However, a basic understanding of blackjack strategy can significantly increase the player’s odds of winning. There are a variety of blackjack strategies that can be used, but the most effective strategy is one that revolves around the dealer’s hand and the player’s.

When deciding whether to hit or stand, the first consideration should always be the value of the dealer’s upcard. A high value will indicate that the player should double down, while a low value indicates that the player should stand. Once this is decided, the player should look at his/her own cards and then choose whether to draw another card or continue hitting. In the case of a soft 20 total, a player may continue to hit as long as the player does not risk busting the hand (adding an Ace to a total of 21).

As with standing and hitting, blackjack charts are available to help players make the correct decision for their hand. A blackjack chart depicts the probability of winning with each possible action. In general, the player should stand on all hands with a value of 16 or less, and should hit on all hands with a value of 17 or more. There are some situations where a player should split pairs, but only when the pair is composed of equal values. In addition, it is generally recommended that a player should never split two 8’s. This is because splitting these cards will result in a weaker total than if the player had stood on them.

Some blackjack players are tempted to increase their bet size when the odds of winning seem favorable. This is a mistake. The playing decisions of the other players at the table have no effect on a player’s odds of winning, as he/she is playing alone against the dealer. This is why it is so important to stick with a solid basic strategy, regardless of the results of previous sessions and the streaks that are experienced.

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