The African Corporate Governance Network (ACGN) is a collaborative network of director membership organisations that promote effective corporate governance on the African continent and now has 19 members and 9 affiliate members from 19 African countries representing over 20 500 senior executives and directors across the continent.

The ACGN will provide policy makers and market participants with an important forum to exchange experiences and best practices aimed at addressing ongoing corporate governance challenges in Africa.

The growing trend of inter-continental business transactions and the increase in the flow of DFIs in Africa is giving rise to the importance of Corporate Governance in the continent. It has become imperative to come up with initiatives that guide the formulation of Africa-specific guidelines to corporate governance that champion the business dynamics of the continent and capitulate with global standards.

According to the International Monetary Fund, Africa will host seven of the top ten fastest growing economies in the world in the next five years. With the current focus on growth and development in Africa, good corporate governance and capacity building in this area, is highly important.

The ACGN was formed to develop the institutional capacity of ACGN members for enhancing effective corporate governance practices towards building better private and public sector organisations and corporate citizens in Africa.

REPORT: What We Learned about Corporate Governance and Code Development in Sub-Saharan Africa

This report describes 10 learnings attained over the more than two decades of experience in code development in South Africa, lessons of which were shared with various African audiences including Cote D’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, and Tanzania through a number of roadshows. 

It highlights the high-level account of discussions held and conclusions reached during the roadshows and aims to provide guidance to IFC staff, regulators, and private institutions for developing codes of corporate governance in Sub-Saharan African countries and potentially other developing economies.


  • Exchange and share knowledge, information, best practices tools and resources.
  • Demonstrating good practice within member organisations and network
  • Building sustainable capacity to enable membership organisations to achieve their goals
  • Common platform for advocacy, initiatives and communications
  • Expand the network
  • Create a favourable investment climate (outcome)
  • Conduct Research
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