Executive Committee

The ACGN is governed by the Executive Committee whose role of strategic operations and control is to inform direction, policy and strategy of the ACGN. This includes management and control of ACGN affairs, support funding and stakeholder mobilisation.

Members of the Executive Committee are:

  • Institute of Directors Kenya
  • Institute of Directors in Malawi
  • Mauritius Institute of Directors
  • Institut Marocain des Administrateurs
  • Institute of Directors Mozambique
  • Institute of Directors Nigeria
  • Institute of Directors in Southern Africa
  • Institute of Directors in Tanzania
  • Institute of Corporate Governance of Uganda
  • Institute of Directors of Zambia
  • Institute of Directors Zimbabwe

ACGN Sub-committees

The ACGN has set up 3 sub-committees to assist the ACGN and its Executive Committee in discharging their duties and in achieving their objectives through a more detailed identification and execution of projects and activities followed by well-considered recommendations to the Executive Committee. The Chairman of each Sub-committee reports to the Executive Committee on the matters discussed at Sub-committee meetings.

The Executive Committee recognises that delegating authority to Sub-committees does not in any way discharge from its duties and responsibilities.

The 3 sub-committees are as follows:

Advocacy and Research

Responsible for initiating best practice research in Africa to advocate good governance across the continent.

The Sub-Committee’s purpose is twofold:

  • To identify relevant areas of research and research partners.
  • To seek to raise corporate governance standards across the continent. It is responsible for influencing public policy by providing a reliable source of knowledge on corporate governance issues, including proactive engagement with policymakers and other stakeholders, responding to regulatory consultations, producing and promoting ACGN Guidelines and other relevant, ad hoc projects.

Capacity Building and Membership

Responsible for vetting and approving applications for membership of the ACGN and for initiating capacity building projects for improved corporate governance at both an institutional and individual level.
The Sub-Committee’s purpose is twofold:

  • To advise on the strategic direction of the ACGN membership recruitment, vetting and approval of applications for membership of the Network in line with the ACGN Constitution.
  • To oversee all matters concerning capacity building of ACGN members aimed at the promotion and achievement of the objectives of the ACGN.

Collaboration and Funding

Responsible for realising a stronger network of implementing partners with adequate financial and institutional support.
The Sub-Committee’s purpose is twofold:

  • To identify and engage with ACGN stakeholders.
  • To identify ACGN funding requirements and drive a strategy and plan to address these requirements.


The ACGN secretariat function is currently provided by the NEPAD Business Foundation.

ACGN Committees

The ACGN Committees and governance structure can be illustrated in the diagram below:


  • Exchange and share knowledge, information, best practices tools and resources.
  • Demonstrating good practice within member organisations and network
  • Building sustainable capacity to enable membership organisations to achieve their goals
  • Common platform for advocacy, initiatives and communications
  • Expand the network
  • Create a favourable investment climate (outcome)
  • Conduct Research
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